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Malissa Shepherd


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Insurance Agent

About Me

I have the heart of a teacher and enjoy helping others to safeguard their financial future. Insurance is complex and knowing how to keep premiums low is harder than it seems. It is important to me to leave each coverage conversation knowing that I have given my clients tools to save their family money, understand their coverage and how to avoid common mistakes.

That I have over a decade of AAA experience and appreciate their loyalty to our brand. I know there are many other options available to them and I believe that they are in the best hands, with AAA based solely on our dedication to our members safety and well-being.

When I'm not helping members with their insurance needs, I love to cook and bake and attended culinary and pastry school in Napa Valley. I have a cake and catering side hustle and love to travel as often as possible.

Areas of Expertise

  • Auto
  • Home

I have worked for a few major insurance carriers including Countrywide Home Loans carrier, Balboa Insurance. This experience taught me a great deal about mortgages and what is important in a home insurance policy and then auto insurance is important to bundle with home to maximize savings and so this is where the bulk of my insurance experience comes from.