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About Me

My goals are to provide amazing vacations at a reasonable price, and to ensure clients can immerse themselves in the cultures and traditions in the destinations they experience. 

Favorite Destination
Croatia is my favorite destination because it is my second home. I have family there whom I often visit. The scenery is breathtaking and the water is so clear and blue. My favorite place within Croatia to go to is a small island off the coast of the port city Split. Split is truly magnificent with historical buildings and gorgeous  beaches. And of course you cannot fully experience the wonder of Dalmatia without having seafood. Croatia and specifically Split have some of the best Seafood in the Mediterranean. They also have some great wine and olive oil for any foodies that love to cook. But the most interesting and random fact is they have amazing honey, especially on Solta, which is known around Croatia for having the best honey. As far as the inland goes, Zagreb is a centerpiece for the history and culture of Croatia; what Zagreb lacks in beaches and clear seas they make up for in their cuisine and culture. There are many other great coast cities that I can go on and on about like Zadar or Rijeka, but by far the most popular one (thanks to Game of Thrones) would have to be Dubrovnik, with its high-wall castles and beautiful coastlines and views. Dubrovnik is truly a must see if you want to experience quintessential Croatia.

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